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Whatever the style of your home, there are countless ways of making a beautiful entrance with your door. From vibrant colours to decorative glass it is very easy to give your home some instant kerb appeal.

We offer a vast range of designs, colours, glazing and hardware options which will ensure that your new door is as individual as you are.
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Your front door creates the first impression to your home where real individuality can be achieved through choosing the correct door and finish.

Whether your home is a period property or a contemporary new build, our wide range of doors can help you to achieve the perfect finish. All of doors are tailor made to virtually any width and height and can also include arched frames to add a little extra glamour to any house.

All our uPVC doors are multi-chambered and our aluminium doors have thermal breaks to conserve heat. Our timber doors insulate naturally against the cold.

All our doors, whether single door or patio/French doors, include toughened glass as standard, which shatters into small, relatively harmless pieces if broken. The glass also has a 24-millimetre air gap between the panes which keeps more warmth in and more noise out.

All our uPVC doors have an extremely strong and durable structure which is fused together under immense heat & pressure. We also offer flat cams for improved durability & reduced wear, high security concealed hinge bolts for maximum defence and security features such as multi-point locking..

We offer a comprehensive range of glass for doors with many different decorative styles to choose from. This, along with our wide range of high quality door furniture in black, white, gold and chrome, offer the opportunity to make your door a piece that reflects your personal taste.
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Patio Doors
Our patio doors have been painstakingly designed to satisfy the most discerning homeowner. Not only do they look superb, but they're strong, secure, and give excellent protection against the worst of weathers.

High levels of security have been achieved by incorporating multiple locking points, combined with a built-in anti-jacking system which ensures that it's impossible to lift a door off from the outside.
  Despite the rugged security, with barely a fingertips touch, our sliding panels glide effortlessly along the stainless steel track, ensuring the kids or elderly can make full use of the garden & outdoor spaces. And, because the panels slide, you need not sacrifice your indoor space either.

Excellent protection against the worst weather is achieved through a combination of thermally efficient uPVC framing, durable weather seals and the thickest sealed glazing units generally available for patio doors. 
French Doors
A more traditional alternative to the sliding option, French doors give a full width opening to provide unhindered access to and from your garden or outdoor spaces.

Manufactured from the same, high quality materials as the other doors we supply, our French doors have the same high performance thermal and weather resistant properties.
They are also fitted with the latest dual-handle operating mechanism for easy opening and peace of mind. In addition, heavy duty steel reinforced frames, multi-point locking and anti bandit glazing if required, give our doors the security edge.

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