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Choose from a large range of colour options to personalise your windows
Westport Windows and Doors Ltd. offer a wide colour range for PVC window veneers, both from the RAL coating colour palette and in wood-like texture designs.

Thanks to this, our customers are able to match the colour of the frame to both the elevation and the interior or window sill.

The wood-like veneer windows are being successfully used by our customers in detached houses, flats and institution buildings.

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Our colour profiles are manufactured so that the profile beneath the veneer is not white, but has been made to match the veneer colour.
As a consequence, in the event of an accidental damage to the veneer, white fragments won't be visible. This does not refer to the basic colours (e.g. red).

The profile beneath such colours is white.

You are free to choose your WINDOWS to be coloured on both sides or just one (e.g. the outer side of the frame can have a wood-like veneer, while the inner side can be white).

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